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SparkResto’s Analytics


SparkResto’s KPIs offers a detailed report on essential sales parameters and current growth indicators. It allows you to identify the areas of further improvements and make more revenues.


Go through different analytical reports of SparkResto and compare different metrics against each other, such as sales of two different food items, footfall in your restaurant, daily orders for food and beverages, etc. Analyze how they weight against each other.

Create New Sales Record

Turn your voice into actions. Assign targets to your staff and monitor their performance using SparkResto. Customize your target parameters easily at any time.

Full Control Over Sales Pipelines

Using Sparkrestor, create funnels for almost all sales activities and see your performance every day. Get sales report, footfalls, sale of merchandise items, etc, in a few clicks only.

Different Types of Charts

Different Types of Charts

Avoid the trouble of analyzing huge volumes of data with easy-to-understand chart and visual data. It automatically prepares pie charts, heat maps, etc, and lets you see everyday sales and other important aspects of your business easily and comfortably.

well-being Your Business

Know The well-being of Your Business

No need to track your restaurant’s performance manually. The AI powered Analytics of SparkResto automatically tracks the increase and decrease in sales, the number of leads per month, the total number of deals and promotional items sold per month, etc. It also lets you know about the latest trends of the restaurant business and define the future marketing strategies.

Improved Efficiency Of Your Restaurant
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