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SparkResto- A Great CRM Software for General Stores

SparkResto offers automation of the main activities of your General Store. It is a helping hand in the management of different commodity dealers, customer retention, tracking sales, opportunity management, and finances.

customer list

Customer History

SparkResto’s customer screen allows General store owners to easily manage the records of all customers, track their orders, and sell more products accordingly.

Apart from this, they can also wish customers on important events with automated SMS messages and newsletters and make them loyal to their brand. It Shows how many times customers visited your store and define marketing strategies accordingly.

account manager

Loyalty Points

SparkResto keeps records of all sales and transactions in its database. So, you can easily determine the frequency of purchases made by customers and reward them with loyalty points.

Account Manager

SparkResto automatically manages all your accounts, Ledgers, Balance Sheets, etc. It helps to maintain your purchase history and payments to the vendors

Detailed Reporting About Your Business

Get detailed reports about your General store business at the click of a button. You can easily obtain detailed customer reports to make vital changes in marketing campaigns, generate sales, and boost revenues.

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Loved By our customers
balkh bukhara
Balkh Bukhara

"We have faith in SparkResto. It has all features & functionalities that helped us to manage the orders of numerous customers within a few clicks and improve the quality of our hospitality service". 5 out of 5.

Sundown Chef

"SparkResto has offered us an unbelievable advantage in the restaurant business. With the use of this excellent CRM software, we have automated almost 90% of our business operations, reduced the cost by 50% and boosted our profit margins by leaps and bounds. 5 out of 5"

food delivery
Food Delivery

"A lot of thanks to the developers of SparkResto. It is a marvellous CRM software for all small & big restaurants & hotels. It helps us to streamline our business activities from all places and receive many compliments from guests".

Improved Efficiency Of Your Restaurant
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