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Restaurant feedback system
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24*7 order acceptance

Flexible online order system enables you to accept orders from customers 24*7.

Loyalty system

Make your customers happy and retaining by rewarding them with loyalty points on every placed order.

Image intensive restaurant menu

Make your menu more appealing by adding high-quality food images to drag more and more customers to you.

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Customized menu

Delight your customers with a highly customizable menu. Be it extra cheese, sides, or whatever, leave them with a satisfactory customized meal.

Flexible payment

Gets integrated easily with multiple payment options and provides more ease to your customers while making transactions.

Status of placed order

Gives you complete live updates of your placed order. Let’s you know every single step of order placement such as order acceptance, meal preparation, order dispatched, and final delivery.

customer list

Integrated feedback system

Get detailed feedback via customizable feedback forms. Figure out customers preferences regarding their orders.

Analyze customers more with complete order analytics

Get detailed data of your customers placed orders, their preferences, repeat rate, revenue generated, etc. Know your customers better via order analytics and reports. Marketing campaign

Improved Efficiency Of Your Restaurant
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