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Table Reservation
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Professional Customer Management System

SparkResto has a beautiful drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to track the customer’s Check-in and check-out in your restaurant easily and effortlessly. It automatically updates your availability (for customers) via all booking channels.

Channel Manager

The channel management feature of SparkResto allows you to showcase numerous food items and beverages to customers and get customers and more bookings every day.

Customer Feedback System

Using SparkResto, Get feedback from customers about your hospitality services, make improvements in it, and show those reveiws to get more customers.

Our Features

Multiple features for restaurants
front booking

Automated Chat Bot For Customers

A virtual helper is always ready to interact with customers and solve their problems. This increases the footfall and business opportunities of your restaurant.

sale history

Data Visualization

SparkResto’s data visualization allows you to dig the customer’s data up in one click and help customers find the right solutions in the least possible time.

Improved Efficiency Of Your Restaurant
Our restro program has dedicated