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Quick Service Restaurant

SparkResto helps your sales team to attract more customers to the quick service restaurant, manage customer retention, and grow daily sales remarkably.

Business Automaton

Worried about order management, billing, inventory, staff management? Bring SparResto into the action and perform all these actions in a few clicks. No more complex calculation or Estimation.

Disco Business
Disco Business
Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

New business marketing strategies depend on various types of reporting. With 100+ reportings, SparkResto is the right software for sales Managers to define customer-oriented marketing strategies and grow sales of the restaurant.

Accounting and Finance Management

With SparkResto, account and finance management becomes an easy task. Make professional invoices, bills, create ledgers, reports, collect payments from customers, etc, in a few clicks. Reduce the pending bills with personalized business initiatives and boost profit margins.

Online Booking

Get orders from customers at any time via the net and improve the hospitality services up to a great extent. SparkResto works very well with websites and Facebook. So, you can get orders from there too and increase the business volume.

Improve how you Communicate today.

Let s show you just how simple Communications can be.

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Loved By our customers
balkh bukhara
Balkh Bukhara

"We have faith in SparkResto. It has all features & functionalities that helped us to manage the orders of numerous customers within a few clicks and improve the quality of our hospitality service". 5 out of 5.

Sundown Chef

"SparkResto has offered us an unbelievable advantage in the restaurant business. With the use of this excellent CRM software, we have automated almost 90% of our business operations, reduced the cost by 50% and boosted our profit margins by leaps and bounds. 5 out of 5"

food delivery
Food Delivery

"A lot of thanks to the developers of SparkResto. It is a marvellous CRM software for all small & big restaurants & hotels. It helps us to streamline our business activities from all places and receive many compliments from guests".

Improved Efficiency Of Your Restaurant
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